João Carlos is a passionate Breathwork Facilitator committed to supporting others on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. He believes that our breath is a gateway to our inner world and that by working with it consciously, we can access deeper levels of awareness and healing.

João Carlos discovered the transformative power of breathwork during a particularly challenging time in his life, and it completely changed the way he approached his mental and physical well-being. Driven by his desire to share the benefits of breathwork with others, João became a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and has since helped individuals achieve greater health and happiness in their own lives.

João's approach to breathwork is rooted in the belief that each person has the innate capacity to heal themselves, and that through our breath, we can access this natural ability. He creates a safe and supportive space for his clients to explore their breath and connect with their inner world, release emotional blocks, and connect with their life force energy. His sessions are a blend of gentle guidance, intuitive insight, and profound wisdom.

Through his breathwork sessions, João Carlos guides his clients on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, encouraging them to tap into their innate healing power and connect with their Inner Being. Whether you are looking to release old patterns, connect with your inner wisdom, or simply experience a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, João's breathwork sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

In his spare time, João loves to explore nature and connect with like-minded individuals who share his passion for personal growth and spiritual awakening. He enjoys traveling to different parts of the world to deepen his understanding of different cultures and spiritual practices. Whether he's hiking through a mountain range or practicing yoga on a tropical beach, João is always seeking new ways to connect with the natural world and expand his consciousness.

His warm and welcoming personality, combined with his expertise in breathwork and meditation, make him an asset to those seeking a deeper sense of peace, alignment, and transformation.

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